May 10, 2017

Level Up With Twitch Studios Opportunities

Twitch Studio Opportunities

Twitch is opening opportunities to streamers to help develop and grow them in a professional environment. Under the wing of Twitch Studios, Twitch is offering multiple resources for streamers to present their unique skills and collaborate to create some amazing content. They are introducing several new ways to help aspiring talent:

Host Training

Ever wanted to be trained by some of the best in the business to host and interview? This is your chance! In July, Twitch will host a workshop to aspiring casters to hone their skills. Twitch is bringing Ezekiel_iii, HelloKellyLink, and Seltzer as ambassadors to provide insight and to mentor selected members throughout the year. Pay attention to @Twitch_Studios for updates on when to apply!

Event Stage

Have an idea for a segment that would be awesome during one of Twitch’s live shows? Want to interview a game developer? Twitch is now opening the live stage to streamers to submit show content.

Submit a Pitch

Have a great plan that you want to pitch to Twitch Studios? Twitch wants to hear it! Twitch Studios wants to make sure they are providing the best resources and guidance for the community. What better way to do that than to open communication WITH the community and to provide the best possible support back. If you are aspiring to produce, write, or really any type of content creation, submit your pitch here.

Meet and Greets

Want a chance to show off an awesome moment from your stream? Submit a video that showcases your channel to Twitch Weekly. The top videos are selected to be played during the show on Fridays. Check it out at and check out the “GIVE VIDEOS PLZ” section to submit your content for the next show!

Casting Calls

Keep an eye on the Twitch Studios submission page, as regular casting calls are made to invite streamers onto live events such as the upcoming PJSaltan at PAX West.

Source: Twitch Blog

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