Infiniscene Staying Free

Infiniscene has been making a ton of waves lately with their streaming software. Built as a cloud-based streaming service, Infiniscene continues to improve its functionality to compete with software like OBS and XSplit. Within the last few weeks, Infiniscene has made a couple big updates that have added a bunch of assets to the service. Let’s go over some of the major points!

  • Infiniscene is staying free – Yes, you heard that right. Infiniscene will remain free but may add a “Pro” version with some of its features to support their developers.
  • StreamJar & Tipeeestream support – Both of these alert services now work with Infiniscene.
  • No downloads necessary – No more needing new software anywhere on your computer to get started! Infiniscene has made it easy to throw a layout on the stream and get started within minutes!
  • Audio meter – This is a nice addition. All of your audio sources in one place, with appropriate meters to tell how loud each source is. Perfect for making sure your game audio is loud enough to hear but not overpowering your voice.
  • Chroma key eyedropper – No more trying to match the perfect color. With this tool, select your green screen and watch the magic happen.
  • In-App Speedtest – You know those times when you’re streaming and you drop a few frames so you speedtest to see if it is you? Now you can have a constant Up/Down meter that will measure during your stream.
  • Better asset measuring and resizing tools – Better tools to help you get that perfect size for everything.
  • Cleared up asset naming – So you know exactly what you are editing and can name each asset individually.
  • Dynamically update capture settings – You can literally select “720p 60fps” and Infiniscene will make sure your settings are set correctly to get the current settings! Makes streaming easy and puts more focus on entertaining and less on technical issues.
  • Elgato streaming stability – Elgato cards are hard to get right when streaming but Infiniscene auto-adjusts the resolutions to make sure everything matches!
  • Support for all major streaming services – Beam, YouTube, Twitch, and Hitbox all are supported now and fully functional.

If you are looking for an alternate streaming program, it’s worth trying out Infiniscene. We gave an overview of Infiniscene in mid-2016 and they have come a long way since then. Check out the Infiniscene blog for more information.


  1. I really like Infiniscene and I’m a fan of their low CPU overhead compared to other options. The only thing keeping me from seriously considering them as an option right now is their options for asset management. I have a lot of custom music I commissioned for my stream. I’m still waiting on the ability to upload an MP3 file and use it as an asset. Once that’s a thing, I can see myself considering them as a serious replacement for OBS in a lot of cases.

    And in general, I don’t hesitate to recommend Infiniscene to people who come to me asking about how to stream. They often don’t have a lot of CPU overhead to play with, so giving them something lightweight is a positive thing. Having a simple web interface is also nice. And if you can do it without even installing a client now… that’s going to be *fantastic* for people dipping their toes into streaming.

    • Oh, yeah — if Infiniscene became my daily driver setup for streaming, I would have absolutely no problem paying $10/mo for the service. I already pay monthly to Jim and his OBS team and I don’t actually really even stream more than a few times a year right now. Streaming software remains pretty dire and if Amazon/Twitch (and Youtube, Beam, Hitbox, etc) isn’t willing to make a big investment into one of the most vital aspects of their entire business by supporting the developers of the main three projects out there, then the streamers and viewers really will have to.