Infiniscene Rebrands to Lightstream

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Infiniscene announced that they will be rebranding to Lightstream. In a post on the Infiniscene blog, co-founder Stu Grubbs talks about the early beginnings of Infiniscene and, in particular, the fact that the name wasn’t necessarily the catchiest thing about their product. Now, they’re ready for a new name going forward, Lightstream, which you will start […]

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Infiniscene Update 1.18.17

Infiniscene 1.18.17 Update – Broadcaster View, Scene Switching, and Ripsaw Support

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  After releasing a HUGE update after Christmas, the staff at Infiniscene are already adding new features to their already impressive set. Let’s head on into the updates and see what’s new. Broadcaster View – Just like in Twitch’s dashboard, Infiniscene has combined everything you need to run your stream into a convenient space. The view allows you […]

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Infiniscene Staying Free

Infiniscene Starts 2017 with Big Updates

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Infiniscene has been making a ton of waves lately with their streaming software. Built as a cloud-based streaming service, Infiniscene continues to improve its functionality to compete with software like OBS and XSplit. Within the last few weeks, Infiniscene has made a couple big updates that have added a bunch of assets to the service. Let’s go over some […]

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Infiniscene Update 9.20.16

Infiniscene Update 9.20.16 Adds Beam Integration

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Infiniscene is a web-based broadcast studio powered by the cloud. They recently added the ability to use Beam! Now you can login to Infiniscene, choose the platform, authorize your Beam account, and that’s it! They also remade their entire tutorial to make it easier and leave you with the option to go live immediately. So, what’s […]

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Infiniscene Update – 60FPS, Achievements, and More

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The latest Infiniscene update brings about some of the most hotly requested features by its users! For more information on what this cloud-based streaming software is, check out our Overview Article! 720p60FPS 720p60FPS streaming capability is here! Possibly one of the most widely requested features allows Infiniscene users to now stream in 720p60FPS. Allowing users […]

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Infiniscene Overview

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In the magical world of software that streams video games onto the internet, there are two main pillars: XSplit and Open Broadcast Software. Within this space, however, there are still other options. One of the most interesting being Inifinscene. After recently going into open beta, it is becoming a tool that any streamer can utilize or […]

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Infiniscene Open Beta

Infiniscene Enters Open Beta

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Today, Infiniscene has switched from a closed, invite-only Beta to an Open Beta, allowing anyone interested in checking out the developing streaming software to use it. Infiniscene is a web-based broadcasting program that uses cloud power to encode and broadcast your stream, taking the weight of streaming off your CPU. It is currently free to use […]

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