Infiniscene Update 1.18.17


After releasing a HUGE update after Christmas, the staff at Infiniscene are already adding new features to their already impressive set. Let’s head on into the updates and see what’s new.

Broadcaster View – Just like in Twitch’s dashboard, Infiniscene has combined everything you need to run your stream into a convenient space. The view allows you to monitor viewers, watch your stream from the player, and view chat all in the same screen!

Quick Scene Switching – A sought after feature, quick scene switching has made its way to the platform! Now with a press of a designated button, you can switch to any scene that you’ve set up.

Razer Ripsaw Support – Razer’s capture card, the Ripsaw, is now fully supported within Infiniscene.

Clearer Notifications – No longer do you have to wonder what an error means or what a message is stating, more information has been added to these prompts.

Show/Hide Metrics – Are you the person that doesn’t like to watch viewer counts? Or maybe you do? Either way, you can now turn on and off the numbers at anytime!

Audio Mixer Fix – Audio mixer will now expand and decrease with every audio source added or taken away.

For the complete changelog, head over to the Infiniscene blog.


  1. I dig Infiniscene. I recommend it to people who aren’t sure if they really want to be streamers. I’d even consider using it for mine, if you could upload audio files as assets. I have a bunch of custom music I commissioned that I can’t really use until that feature is added. I’m hoping it’s just a matter of resource allocation in their dev team and not some concern over liability for copyrighted music (since you can upload video as assets).