July 22, 2016

Infiniscene Update – 60FPS, Achievements, and More


The latest Infiniscene update brings about some of the most hotly requested features by its users! For more information on what this cloud-based streaming software is, check out our Overview Article!


720p60FPS streaming capability is here! Possibly one of the most widely requested features allows Infiniscene users to now stream in 720p60FPS. Allowing users to stream at higher quality and produce enhanced experienced for their viewers. For more information as to whether you should stream at 720p60FPS, or what resolution and frame rate, would be best for your stream, check out our Upload and Bitrate Article.


This Infiniscene Update also adds achievements, which alerts you when you hit new milestones, such as peak viewership. Providing you with a quick and easy way to track some of your most key metrics and your growth.


Infiniscene is also further utilizing their Discord server to help promote streams using their service. You can opt to have your stream promoted on the server by clicking the cog wheel next to Go Live. Not only is it a great way to promote your stream if you use Infiniscene, but you can connect with the developers and network with other streamers. If you are considering trying Infiniscene or already do, it’s a fantastic place to hang out and chat.Infiniscene Discord Alert

Other Updates and Fixes

  • New Navigation Bar – Easier to navigate infiniscene.
  • Facebook Privacy Settings.
  • Fixed scenes appearing live when duplicating.
  • More responsive Live and End stream buttons.
  • Account information should now refresh properly.
  • When you have many scenes, you can now scroll left and right through them.
  • Tool tips will now disappear after appearing.
  • Properties tool bar will now close correctly and not disappear off screen.
  • When updated, the streaming destination will now change properly.
  • Users can no longer sign up using an unverified Twitch e-mail (Unverified e-mails can’t stream).

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