March 22, 2017

Infiniscene Rebrands to Lightstream


Infiniscene announced that they will be rebranding to Lightstream. In a post on the Infiniscene blog, co-founder Stu Grubbs talks about the early beginnings of Infiniscene and, in particular, the fact that the name wasn’t necessarily the catchiest thing about their product. Now, they’re ready for a new name going forward, Lightstream, which you will start to see across their social media very soon.

The blog post doesn’t mention any real product updates but they have put together a pretty impressive looking brand concept. On top of being a much cooler name, their brand package is very modern, and dare I say trendy. They’re adhering their modern sensibilities, keeping the green which should just be dubbed “Lightstream Green”, and getting a more recognizable logo in the form of this negative prism. The infinity symbol made a lot of sense with Infiniscene but a sharper icon to go along with the name change is fitting. The team included the Lightstream branding as it would appear on a sweater and I want it very badly. I mean… uh, it looks great.

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