Streamlabs OBS remote control

Streamlabs OBS Adds Remote Control Support

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Having complete control of your stream is always ideal. With the constant gameplay, reading messages, and alerts, it’s sometimes amazing how a streamer keeps up with everything! With the new Streamlabs OBS update, you can control your sources right from your phone! With the Streamlabs mobile app you can: Start or Stop stream Switch between […]

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OBS 21.0 Update

OBS 21.0 Update Introduces Scripting and Other Cool Features

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Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) released their latest update including a hotfix patch. Version 21.0 introduces scripting support, new audio features, and new production features. Luajit/Python3 Scripting Support What exactly does this mean for the average user? OBS now includes a number of example scripts for things like a countdown timer, analogue clock, or instant replay. If […]

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/ | Leave a Comment is looking to combine the community-driven aspects of the website with creation tools in their new free Desktop Application. established itself as something of a hub for video game-based content across the internet bringing videos and streams from Twitch, YouTube, Beam, and more all into one place as well as associating all your […]

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Infiniscene Staying Free

Infiniscene Starts 2017 with Big Updates

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Infiniscene has been making a ton of waves lately with their streaming software. Built as a cloud-based streaming service, Infiniscene continues to improve its functionality to compete with software like OBS and XSplit. Within the last few weeks, Infiniscene has made a couple big updates that have added a bunch of assets to the service. Let’s go over some […]

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OBS Getting Started

Getting Started on OBS

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When you open OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, for the first time, you’re greeted with a blank screen and some buttons. It’s kind of scary but we’ll get you to streaming status in no time. We’ll go through some of the menus to help get you started. Not necessarily everything, but enough for you to […]

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OBS Overview Thumb

OBS Overview

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When talking about streaming, especially in the context of “Getting Started,” the subject of software quickly comes up. While more options are becoming available, Open Broadcaster Software or OBS has been around for quite some time. OBS is likely to be robust enough to produce any kind of broadcast you’d want to do as a new […]

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Infiniscene Overview

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In the magical world of software that streams video games onto the internet, there are two main pillars: XSplit and Open Broadcast Software. Within this space, however, there are still other options. One of the most interesting being Inifinscene. After recently going into open beta, it is becoming a tool that any streamer can utilize or […]

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Infiniscene Open Beta

Infiniscene Enters Open Beta

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Today, Infiniscene has switched from a closed, invite-only Beta to an Open Beta, allowing anyone interested in checking out the developing streaming software to use it. Infiniscene is a web-based broadcasting program that uses cloud power to encode and broadcast your stream, taking the weight of streaming off your CPU. It is currently free to use […]

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