April 2, 2017

Xbox Update Brings Beam Streaming to Console

Beam Xbox Streaming App

Beam streamers, REJOICE! The day has come where you can finally watch and stream to your favorite streaming service! No capture card,  no extra software needed needed. The Beam app actually comes straight to your Xbox One console’s main menu once the new update is downloaded. Just simply start the Beam app, setup your basic functions like camera and mic, and get to streaming!Beam-Xbox-App


Streaming on the application is simple and fluid. The major features of Beam is FTL (Faster than Light), which is Beam’s sub-second delay, and their interactive features in which a board can appear below the stream with sounds and effects. I’m happy to say that everything has made its way to the application and can be used while streaming on the console app. Updates to all these features will take time so look forward to more improvements in the streaming side but, for now, the service is pretty fluid for a new streaming application.

Viewing streams on the application is just as beautiful, with the ability to enjoy the FTL features, interact with chat, and even interact with the soundboard. The Beam viewing application can actually be found in the My Games and Apps section. You do earn Sparks (the onsite currency that is earned through watching streams or streaming and is used to interact with streamers) while viewing in the app and level up just like if you were viewing on a PC. Streams appear as high as 1080p with 60 FPS. It’s exciting to finally get a chance to sit in my living room and be able to watch my favorite streamers from Beam.

Everything else that came with the update, such as multitasking and such, can be found here. You can also check out the original article that talked about Beam streaming.


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