Beam Xbox Streaming App

Xbox Update Brings Beam Streaming to Console

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Beam streamers, REJOICE! The day has come where you can finally watch and stream to your favorite streaming service! No capture card,  no extra software needed needed. The Beam app actually comes straight to your Xbox One console’s main menu once the new update is downloaded. Just simply start the Beam app, setup your basic […]

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Microsoft Beam

Microsoft Acquires Beam Streaming Platform

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Things are about to shake up in the video game livestreaming world. A little known tech company called Microsoft has acquired the video game livestreaming platform Beam. Beam is a relatively new livestreaming platform, bringing about new and innovative ways to deliver interactive streams. Sporting a sleek design, low video delays, and ways for viewers […]

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Beam Logo

Beam Streaming: A New Level of Interaction

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Beam streaming service is a newer video game stream site but its bringing some interesting features that can shake up what it means to stream games. Sporting a network designed and aimed for streamers wanting to connect with their viewers, you’ll quickly find Beam’s main focus is interaction. Interface and Functionality The website itself works beautifully. It […]

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