Beam Streaming: A New Level of Interaction


Beam streaming service is a newer video game stream site but its bringing some interesting features that can shake up what it means to stream games. Sporting a network designed and aimed for streamers wanting to connect with their viewers, you’ll quickly find Beam’s main focus is interaction.

Interface and Functionality

Beam Main screen

The website itself works beautifully. It loads streams fast and slides between menus with a single click. In fact, you can browse streams while still watching a stream without having to open a new tab. The interface has a smooth, almost futuristic feel to it. The colors are pleasant to the eyes and separate windows slide onto each other when you click to another. Another plus, videos are in HTML5. All in all, I am impressed with how the website was built and think that many other websites could take a page from them.

Rewarded for Watching Streams

Beam Level-Spark Service

Beam has implemented a Leveling and Currency system (called Sparks) straight into their platform. Every 5 minutes you watch a stream, you get 5 XP. This XP, like a RPG, turns into levels. The team at Beam have many ideas going forward to take advantage of this system, like a safe raiding system and more! Sparks, on the other hand, are given 2 every minute. Sparks are spent for the interaction system, which we will discuss later in this article. It’s an exciting system with tons of potential and possibilities.

Faster Interaction

Interacting with viewers is a huge part of why a streamer maintains an audience. When someone opens their favorite streamers channel, hearing their name called in a greeting or having the streamer remember something that has happened can make all the difference. Beam facilitates quick streamer to viewer interaction with an extremely short stream delay of less than one second. No more waiting 20-30 seconds, hoping that your message is seen and responded to. Fluid transition between the streamer and viewer is established right away. If the viewer has a hint or a suggestion, it can get to the streamer within time so it can be utilized!

A Better Way to Interact

    Interactive stream

Interaction is something that Beam is pushing hard with their streamers, if you couldn’t tell! Not only are they sporting a shorter delay for chat but they’ve also implemented a system where the viewer can spend their Sparks to interact directly with the gameplay of the streamer. One huge game that already has this system is Minecraft. If the streamer activates an “Interactive” stream, viewers can come and directly affect the streamer’s game such as zombie rushes or extra hearts. It adds a new layer to streaming and playing games as a streamer because you’ll never know what your viewers will throw at you. More systems are being developed for other games as well so in the coming months there will be a lot more games available to have these types of streams with!

As a streamer, this unique feature is excellent for engaging your audience, encouraging chat activity, and having a lot of fun doing it. Because Sparks are only earned by watching streams, viewers are incentivized to hang out in your channel, earn some Sparks and then spend them to affect your game!

Quality Options From Day One

One feature that may lean smaller streamers towards the Beam service is the inclusion of options that they get right out of the bat. Streamers can stream at 720p+ right from the start and can sport 2500+ bit rates without having to be partnered. This is huge because the Beam servers handle a part of the load, letting the streamers focus on the quality of their stream rather than bringing down their system’s capabilities in order to stay within certain guidelines. It’s a game changer, especially for newer streamers with stronger systems, looking to push high quality content from the start.

The features that Beam offers makes it incredibly enticing, especially for new to small streamers. With Beam being the new kid on the block, it brings a lot of potential with many features to come! If you’re new to streaming or have a smaller community and want a fresh start, Beam is a wonderful place to start!


Happy Streaming!
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