June 8, 2016

TwitchAlerts Now Accepts Credit Cards

TwitchAlerts Credit Cards

TwitchAlerts has been busy this week! The donation/tip alert system for Twitch streamers announced today they have added the ability for users to tip with credit cards. This has been a desired feature for streamers as viewers often just want to be able to tip directly from their card without having to sign up for Paypal. To accept credit cards, head to the Donation Settings page in TwitchAlerts.
TwitchAlerts Credit Cards


Tips from credit cards won’t go to your Paypal account, but are instead tracked on the Donation Settings page. You’ll be able to withdraw the money to your bank account at any time, but you’ll have to verify your identity and add your bank details first. If you don’t feel comfortable providing personal information, then you should opt to not allow credit cards, as this is the only way to receive the money. This information is not stored with TwitchAlerts, but rather sent directly to the credit card processor. For more information, check out the TwitchAlerts Credit Card FAQ.

TwitchAlerts Credit Cards

Source: TwitchAlerts Blog

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