November 17, 2017

Twitch Releases Usernames

Twitch Releases Justin tv usernames

Earlier this week, Twitch announced via the Twitch blog that they would be releasing all 30 million inactive usernames from to all users! Previously available exclusively to Partners and most recently to Affiliates, every account on Twitch can now access the pool of JTV accounts and have more options if they wish to change their username.


Twitch added the ability for users to edit their usernames back in February of this year and since then users have been requesting old JTV usernames.

To change your Twitch username, go to your Settings, click the Edit button next to your name, and see if your desired username is available. If it is available, click ‘Update‘ and the change will take effect immediately!

Change Twitch Username

Remember that once your old username is gone, your old URL will not redirect to your new URL so be sure to update your social media links. When you change your username, the decision is final and can not be reversed. You may only change your username once every 60 days. If you have already changed your username within the last 60 days, Twitch has reset that 60-day cooldown so you don’t have to miss out on the new names that are available. If you change your username, the old account name can not be reclaimed for at least 6 months where the username may then be recycled.

As a reminder, Partner and Affiliate revenue will not be impacted but your broadcaster stats will be lost so be sure to export your stats prior to changing your username.

It’s now much easier for streamers and viewers alike to claim the username they want, so now’s the chance to check it out if you have been waiting for your chance to update your account! JTV usernames are available now, so be sure to check your Settings if you’re interested in changing yours!

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