Twitch Implements Username Change Feature

Twitch Username Change Feature

One of the most hotly requested features has made it’s way to Twitch: username changes. Starting today, everyone on Twitch will be able to change your username once every 60 days. To do this, go to your Settings¬†and it’s on the first page.¬†Twitch Change Username

Quick Facts About Username Changes on Twitch

  • Twitch Partner revenue will not be impacted
  • Your username will be held for a minimum of six months after which it may return to the pool of available usernames
  • Partners: Your old username will not be made available again to anyone else (expect in special circumstances)
  • You WILL lose access to broadcaster stats from your old username. You can export your stats by going to your Dashboard -> Stats.
  • Your channel URL will not redirect to your new username

For the full post, check out the Twitch Blog and the Twitch Help Center.


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