A Look at Twitch Achievements and Stream Summary

Twitch has introduced two new features that aim to help streamers both new and old grow quicker and more efficiently.

Stream Summary, which is a new way to analyse your past streams. Also Achievements, which will give you concrete goals to aim for that will help you reach Affiliate and Partner status.

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Stream Summary

Steam Summary is an in-depth analytical tool that summarizes your whole broadcast session. Shortly after your stream is over you will be notified in your Dashboard that your Stream Summary is available. This will be for your most recent broadcast. You can also go to the links on the left side of your dashboard to access the Stream Summary.

Twitch Dashboard MenuTwitch already had a Stats page which you can still find in the sidebar but the Stream Summary isn’t as overwhelming with numbers and drop down menus. Additionally, the information provided in the Stream Summary contains the more relevant information for a new broadcaster looking to grow.


Twitch Stream Summary

Main Stats

The top area of the summary will contain all your main info. Things such as how many new followers you received and also when you had your highest viewer count during that stream. This information is also matched against your previous session for comparison’s sake. However, streaming fluctuates so frequently that it can be tough to compare one day to the next. It’s best to keep track of these stats and compare them over a week or a month instead.

Your Viewers

This is a great graph to show when your high points were during the stream. It’s good to get in the habit of looking back in your VoDs or just recalling from memory what was going on during the stream at your high points so you can try and repeat that. Over time you’ll be able to see what times are peak times for you and adjust your schedule to maximize your viewership.

Top Views by Source

This area breaks down the different sources of your viewership. For example in my Stream Summary, 38% of the people who viewed my channel are people who follow me whereas 4% came from Twitter.

For people who utilize many different social/online media platforms, this is a great tool to see where you maybe need to work on advertising your channel.

You can click the “View More Stats” button underneath to open up a new tab where it will take you to the Stats page. Here you’ll get even more information on your views from location and platform.

New streamers shouldn’t stress too much about these kinds of analytics but it’s there for those who want to utilize them.

Top Clips

Easily view your top clips that stream, how many views they got, and share them!


The Path to… section will cover what you’re currently working towards whether that’s the Path to Affiliate or Path to Partner. This is a good way to track how close you are to applying. Just a reminder that fulfilling all the Path to Partnership requirements is NOT a guarantee you’ll get in but will give you the ability to APPLY for partnership. Additionally, the Path to Partner achievements have to be completed in the same 30-day window.

Twitch Path to Partner

The Achievements don’t give anything but it’s a nice way to log your progress and have some fun things to shoot for as a broadcaster. Certain achievements will have multiple tiers and clicking on each achievement will give you a small description of what you need to do to obtain it.

Twitch Achievements

To view all the achievements you can click the “View Achievements” button underneath.


These tools give broadcasters some definitive goals to work towards to ensure their success on Twitch. The big thing is to not get bogged down by the numbers. Use them to try and see areas you can improve in but never forget to highlight the peaks and where you are doing well.

So what are you waiting for? Jump into your Dashboard now and get analytical!

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