A Look at Twitch Achievements and Stream Summary

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Twitch has introduced two new features that aim to help streamers both new and old grow quicker and more efficiently. Stream Summary, which is a new way to analyse your past streams. Also Achievements, which will give you concrete goals to aim for that will help you reach Affiliate and Partner status. Stream Summary Steam Summary is […]

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Twitch Acquisitions Bits Stats

Twitch Acquisition, Bits, and Stats, Oh My!

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This past week has been full of new Twitch announcements. Stats have become more informative with the addition of things such as location data. Bits got a major update with the ability to purchase via mobile and a wider range of payment options. There was even a new acquisition announced by Twitch! ClipMine Acquisition Twitch announced in […]

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Twitch Stats Facelift

Twitch Stats Receives Major Facelift

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If you haven’t logged into your Twitch Stats page in a while, now would be the time to do so. Twitch just announced on their blog a pretty impressive update to everyone’s stats with more fixes and functionality yet to come. Previously the stats page has been hard to read, inaccurate, or just not useful for […]

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