Twitch Stats Receives Major Facelift

Twitch Stats Facelift

If you haven’t logged into your Twitch Stats page in a while, now would be the time to do so. Twitch just announced on their blog a pretty impressive update to everyone’s stats with more fixes and functionality yet to come. Previously the stats page has been hard to read, inaccurate, or just not useful for measuring growth. As a result, a lot of broadcasters rely on 3rd party websites for detailed analytics.

Twitch StatsNew Features

The initial launch focuses on concurrent viewer information but Twitch plans on expanding the data to cover other things including Clips metrics over the next several months. Probably the most exciting thing to note is your broadcast stats will now be available in under 5 minutes after your cast.

This update introduces a number of changes including improved data accuracy, a stats summary bar, and a stream activity heatmap. The heatmap will help show your broadcast consistency at a glance which is great for checking affiliate requirements. You’ll also notice the chart and table are a lot more stream-focused (and relevant) to gauging how your broadcast went.

You can now also provide feedback on your experience or check out the latest release notes directly from the stats page.


In addition to the numerous changes, Twitch has updated the look and feel to match the rest of the site. The changes in how Twitch tracks data mean the information will be more accurate and up-to-date.

Hate the new look? You can revert to the old view simply by clicking “View Classic Stats” at the bottom of your stats page.

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