StreamElements Introduces Super Themes

StreamElements Introduces Super Themes

One of the hardest things for new streamers to get are professional overlays, especially if they aren’t able to afford them. StreamElements is making professional-looking overlays more accessible for all streamers with Super Themes.

Super Themes are set themes that have been designed for streamers around central ideas (themes, eh?) or popular games. Each overlay can be easily tweaked and added to your streaming software (OBS, XSplit, etc). Overlays for games like PUBG, League of Legends, and more can be searched for and added to your stream for free!

Scenes included in Super Themes

Starting Soon: A simple overlay where you can let your audience know how soon the stream will start alongside chat and notifications.

Talk Show: A common overlay to use after the Starting Soon screen, between games, or even before you end your stream for the day.

Gameplay: Probably your most commonly used scene. Your alerts, webcam frame, and other images will all be uniform and beautiful.

Be Right Back: For your bathroom breaks or emergency food stops.

Stream Ending: Let everyone know the stream has concluded in fashion! Still has spots for chat and all your information.

Setting up and using Super Themes

Setting up Super Themes is super easy as well. When you load up StreamElements, on the left hand side, click “Themes Gallery“. From there, start searching! You can sort all themes by game, popularity, A-Z, or search for one specifically with the search bar.

Once you find one that you like, you can check it out with the “Preview Theme” button. It launches a window so you can see what it looks like before you start customizing. Once you’ve decided on a Theme, just hit “Create“.

Once you’ve filled in all your information in the required fields, click the “Launch Overlay” button and copy/paste the URL as a browser source in whatever streaming program you use.

Overlays can be expensive so it’s refreshing to see that high-quality stream production can be achieved without the need to fork over your wallet.

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