Stream Scene Ep. #65: Multi-Streamer Channels

Multi-Streamer Channels - The Stream Scene

Have you ever thought of creating a Multi-Streamer channel with your friends? Maybe you have a small group of gamers in your area who want to get together and stream on one channel? In this episode of the Stream Scene, our hosts Lowco and TheHunterWild are joined by special guests Bells and Nat from GP_TV as they discuss the best way to host a Multi-Streamer channel.

The popularity of Multi-Streamer channels has been consistently growing, but when mentioned in conversation it can be easily mistaken for a “stream team.” Below we’ll briefly discuss some misconceptions of Multi-Streamer channels, how to effectively grow your channel, and the various tools that can assist you with the channel’s success.

Stream Team vs. Multi-Streamer Channels. What’s the difference?

Stream Team

  • Group of streamers (each growing their own channel)
  • Grows together by supporting each other’s channels (hosting, raiding, mentioning, team streaming, squad streaming)
  • Every member is responsible for obtaining their own sponsors

Multi-Streamer Channels

  • Everyone streams to one channel
  • Everyone bands together to help a central hub grow
  • You can offer potential sponsors a bigger social media presence and longer stream times

Communication tools

Solid forms of communication are especially important in the growth of a Multi-Streamer channel.  There are numerous apps out there where you can create a group but the two that stand out the most are Discord and Trello.  


Discord is one of the world’s most popular communications apps that lets you create a dedicated server for your brand that invite others to join.  Within the app itself, you can create channels to discuss plans, stay up to date on group events, or even post highlight clips in.

By taking advantage of the text channels, voice channels, and screen sharing options that Discord offers, conducting virtual meetings with fellow channel members can be an easy method of maintaining a successful Multi-Streamer channel.  If physical distance or scheduling conflicts cause channel members to be unable to meet in other ways, these tools that Discord provides make a meeting with fellow channel members a breeze.


Trello is an invaluable app when it comes to not only organization but also planning, visual schedules and everything in between. In the example below, you can see how a typical Trello board is laid out.

On the top row, there are lists that you can create to divide the board up into organized sections. These sections can be used to plan meetings, events, and future channel goals that can be managed by every channel member. By creating these lists, coordinating these group tasks become much easier for everyone involved.

Under each list, you have the ability to create an individual card. Cards give you the power to set due dates, create checklists and assign members to each project. Members can receive notifications for each update that is added to a card they are assigned to.


Having a set schedule is extremely valuable for the success of a Multi-Streamer Channel.  It’s important for channel members to know who is streaming at certain times and what games they will be playing in order to keep their schedules from overlapping on the channel or creating similar content.

Scheduling time for single-player story games can present a special challenge when it comes to Multi-Streamer channels. Communities can get invested into these narrative-based games so it is recommended to finish those games before moving on to another to maintain consistency throughout the channel. Having the same channel member who started the game finish the game is recommended!

Channel Roles and Duties

Understand the unique skills on your team, and work together in concert to produce a winning shot!

This statement is vital when it comes to running a successful Multi-Streamer channel. For example, some basic duties that can be assigned to your channel members can include finding who can be your Business Manager, Tech Support, Video Editor, or Social Media manager.

It’s imperative for every team member to know the strengths of other members to better understand how to utilize those strengths to develop continued growth on the channel. 

In conjunction with a smooth to-do list via Trello, Discord and other similar apps, it will not only increase productivity but will also promote accountability across the channel.

There are numerous ways to be successful and grow a Multi-Streamer channel! The tips mentioned above are the greatest essentials when hosting your own.

To contribute to the continued success of your channel, communication is highly important for everyone to be on the same page. Remember, you are a team and a team can only operate if everyone in your boat is rowing in the same direction.


We’ve created a highlights playlist for this week’s episode and in it, you can find the best tidbits. We hope to see you next week on the next episode of The Stream Scene titled “ Transparency & Responsibility”

To find the full episode, you can follow the video below or catch Stream Scene live every Monday at 5PM EST. Special thanks to our guests: Bells and Nat from GP_TV for joining us this week!