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Stream Scene Ep. #64: Streaming While Traveling

The Stream Scene: Streaming while Traveling, with Lowco, TheHunterWild, Monkeyism, and McLaffyTaffy

Are you always on the go but still want to connect with your community? Maybe you want to give your community a firsthand look at the Cons you visit? Maybe you’re going to play some games at a friend or another streamer’s house. No matter your reason for going live while you’re out and about, this episode is for you! In this episode of the Stream Scene, our hosts Lowco and TheHunterWild are joined by special guests McLaffyTaffy and monkeyism to talk about how to stream when not at home.

Streaming on the go

Everyone has their personal reasons when deciding to stream on the go and it’s important to decide if this is something for you.

Some people just love to travel and want to bring their community with them and others like to stick to their current schedule. Whatever the reason, below we’ll give you some tips and tricks to hopefully make it easier to break out of your comfort zone.

Tips and Tricks

IRL (in real life) streaming has evolved greatly over the past couple years. From Cloud saving to a group chat app, the tips and tricks mentioned below will show you how to easily conduct your next mobile stream.

Just a few years ago, IRL streaming required having all your alerts, overlays, etc to be physically on the PC you’re using to stream from. Now with cloud saving, you can literally retrieve your assets from anywhere! As a result, you have free access to your assets and truly makes streaming away from home easier than ever.

Discord is another way to make it easier to stream on the go. With Discord, you can chat with friends and get help to set up when needed but also join group voice chats to be involved with your community or team while streaming.

Know when to stream

Knowing when an IRL stream works for you can make a huge difference, not only on your enjoyment of the stream, but also on your mental health. If you’re on a vacation, disconnecting can be important, and a short stream at the beginning or end of the day might be far more appropriate than a stream that spans your regular hours. If you’ve made a trip planned around IRL streaming, or if you plan to stream at a convention, the team dives into everything you need to know in the next section to not only put on a successful stream, but still enjoy the convention to the fullest.

Convention tips

Going out to events is a great opportunity to try different content. These can be used to catch your community up on daily events and to help them feel more involved while you’re away.

Some ideas Monkeyism mentions are doing a daily breakfast or coffee stream at the same time every day. By doing this your community will have a way to feel connected. Even just streaming you and a group of friends just hanging out and chatting is also a great way to diversify your content and introduce them to your community.

Another idea is volunteering your time for some on-stage work. Most conventions bring in guests for various events they have going on, most of which are streamed live. Including yourself in these shows a different side of yourself a lot of your community might not have seen before.

The last and final idea we’re going to touch on is using conventions as a way to build relationships with brands. Approach the booths of brands you enjoy or reach out beforehand and ask if they have a timeslot available for you to stream from their booth. By doing this, you can build your brand AND build a relationship with the company.

In summary, Streaming while traveling is a great way to try out different ideas, especially for someone who travels a lot. It can also help build your community or even just keep your schedule steady. It’s important to know your options and also know when you want to. We hope these tips and tricks have helped you in upping your IRL streaming game!


We’ve created a highlights playlist for this weeks episode and in it you can find the best tidbits. We hope to see you next week on the next episode of The Stream Scene titled “Multi-Streamer Channels”

To find the full episode, you can follow the video below or catch Stream Scene live every Monday at 5PM EST. Special thanks to our guests: McLaffyTaffy and monkeyism for joining us this week!


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