Stream Scene Ep. #63: BEST ADVICE EVER: Clickbait

Stream Scene Clickbait Episode

Most people view Clickbait as automatically bad but what if we told you that it can also be used for good? There are good and bad forms of Clickbait and if executed correctly it can definitely help elevate your content. In this episode of the Stream Scene, our hosts Lowco and TheHunterWild with special guests JonSandman and Lucidfoxx talk about how to use Clickbait effectively to grow your content.

What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is a huge part of marketing not only in the gaming industry but in others as well. It is defined as something (such as a thumbnail/ post) designed to catch the eye of users with provocative statements or images. In this episode, we touch on how to use it effectively along with a few different methods.

To utilize Clickbait effectively you need to become familiar with how it will be presented on your particular platform.

For example:

  • On Youtube, the thumbnail is first and the title is second
  • On Twitch, the title will always come first but some streamers have also had luck with manipulating the thumbnail or quickview to get users to click through
  • On Twitter, the tweet itself is the prime location for click bait with media addition being a must

Depending on the platform you’re creating content on, it’s important to learn what draws the common browser in and how to create it.

Clickbait Effectiveness

JonSandman states that he thinks Clickbait is super important because it can be the deciding factor for your video having 500,000 views vs. 5,000.  There’s definitely a balance to strike when using Clickbait to have viewers come back. 

 If using a clickbait title, make sure to always have relevant content in the video as well instead of just using it to promote a giveaway or increase views. It is meant to be used as a tool in conjunction with creating quality content.  In the end, you must make sure that it is something that will vibe with your personality.

Giveaway Method

Some streamers have found putting “giveaway” in a title as an effective way to clickbait viewers into coming in but giveaways are better when done sparingly. Bigger giveaways done occasionally usually fair better than small giveaways done often. When used effectively it can be a great tool to use to retain some viewers and have them continue to come back.

Political Method

Another method commonly used that LucidFoxx does often is Political Clickbait. Political clickbait is when streamers use the title centered around current events. 

It’s meant to draw the viewer in by engaging discussion on different viewpoints. By doing this, it creates content based on current events and can sometimes be emotionally charged or controversial.

Gameplay Method

Playing a game you don’t play often and using a catchy title can also be an effective form of Clickbaiting. 

An example mentioned by Lowco is maybe playing a game that is notorious for inducing rage but in your title put “calm and relaxed streamer.” Viewers will stop in to check it out because it’s contrary to the perception of the game.

In summary, it comes down to getting someone to interact with your content and crafting it in a way that encourages interaction. Using Clickbait effectively can help elevate your content but it must be utilized in the correct way.


We’ve created a highlights playlist for this weeks episode and in it you can find the best tidbits. We hope to see you next week on the next episode of The Stream Scene titled “Streaming while traveling”

To find the full episode, you can follow the video below or catch Stream Scene live every Monday at 5PM EST. Special thanks to our guests:JonSandman & Lucidfoxx for joining us this week!


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