May 20, 2016 – Multi-Streaming Within Your Grasp!

It’s hard to choose a service these days. With so many Streaming services and differences between them, trying to choose the right one for you can be very difficult. Well, hold onto your straight jackets, because I might have a solution for you. is an amazing website that allows you to choose the services that you want to stream to and gives you a stream key to send your content to those services.

A New Way To Stream and Stream and Stream

Starting from the start page, all you need is a simple log in to get into the website. From there, you’ll be presented with a simple to use menu to guide you to what you want to do.As you can see, you can add or remove as many services as you would like to. The servers are auto detected so it picks the best servers for each streaming service that you select. You can even select just the one service, so that if want to go down to one service you don’t have to change your stream key.

Open Page

Services that are available

I figured that the website would offer just the basics and that’s it. Boy, was I wrong! In fact, they offer 29 services currently, with the option of adding more services if you have the Server Key and RTMP of the service. It’s mind blowing that you can use the service to basically broadcast ANYWHERE! Or choose from their services that they offer to stream to.  They offer a sub service as well where, for 5 dollars, you can stream to the same service such as Twitch or Beam in two different channels. So for those who are running tournaments or shout casting, it might be a great option to broadcast!


Performance and wear on your PC

Just like ANY streaming service, make sure that you have the PC to run the service that Restream offers. It treats the broadcast as one broadcast and then does the work to send it to separate sites, so the wear on your PC and connection isn’t like broadcasting multiple times at the same time. I appreciate that and have tested the website for weeks now. My stream looks great at every website I’ve chosen and also has no slowdown or lag. The service delivers what it promises.

If you’re looking to branch out or move services and want to make multi-streaming a thing for your channel, is the way to go. The website offers a TON of services for FREE and allows you to stream to as many as you would like with minimal wear to your PC. However, one thing to note is that some partnership agreements will prevent you from streaming on other sites, so be sure to check your partnership agreement if you have one before trying this out.

Happy Streaming!

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