Smashcast Launches

Hitbox and Azubu Merge to Become

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In January, Hitbox announced that they had been acquired by Azubu. In their blog post, Hitbox made mention that the sites would remain separate until they merged into a newer, bigger platform, which has now been launched as Based on first impressions, much of the Smashcast UI is reminiscent of Hitbox which makes sense considering it’s “powered […]

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Choosing a Streaming Platform

Choosing Your Streaming Platform

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When you start looking into streaming, you may notice that there are quite a few different streaming platforms out there. Especially in the wild and crazy world of streaming video games on the internet, it’s always worth at least being aware of not only what your options are but perhaps what the grass is like on […]

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It’s hard to choose a service these days. With so many Streaming services and differences between them, trying to choose the right one for you can be very difficult. Well, hold onto your straight jackets, because I might have a solution for you. is an amazing website that allows you to choose the services […]

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Stream Site Partnerships

Streaming Site Partnerships

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While certainly far from the end-game of streaming, becoming a Partner on your favorite streaming platform can provide additional sources of revenue and help to validate your channel. While some streaming sites have very low requirements, being a Partner never guarantees you success. A growing following, entertaining personality, and quality broadcast are just a few other neccessities […]

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Capture Stream Highlights with Oddshot

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Did you just witness a hilarious moment in someone’s stream and want to easily capture it and share it with your friends? Oddshot is a browser plugin that lets you do just that. Available for Chrome and Firefox, the Oddshot plugin allows you to capture the last 40 seconds of a livestream. Oddshot is currently […]

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