March 7, 2016

Capture Stream Highlights with Oddshot

Did you just witness a hilarious moment in someone’s stream and want to easily capture it and share it with your friends? Oddshot is a browser plugin that lets you do just that. Available for Chrome and Firefox, the Oddshot plugin allows you to capture the last 40 seconds of a livestream. Oddshot is currently compatible with Twitch and recently became integrated with Hitbox.Oddshot Button

Once you’ve created an Oddshot by pressing the Oddshot button or typing !shot in the chat, a new tab will appear in your browser. It’ll take a few seconds to process and then voila! You’ve just created a 40 second highlight with a handy link for sharing. Here’s an example of an Oddshot clip.

If you’re a streamer, you can earn some money from your channel’s Oddshot views with the Oddshot Creator Program. Anyone can create an Oddshot moment from your channel, but it’s the channel owner (you) that will receive income from any views generated. The current payout is about $1.20 per 1000 views, so it won’t likely be a big source of income for most streamers, but if your viewers are creating Oddshots anyways, might as well apply to the program. So encourage your viewers to capture and share hilarious or epic moments. How can you encourage viewers to create Oddshots? Create an Oddshot channel in your Discord and collect the links for easy viewing there. If you have a currency system in your channel, you can reward the best captures that way. Perhaps hold a weekly contest for the best submissions.

How else can you utilize Oddshot as a streamer? Post the best shots on Twitter or Facebook. People may share it and if it’s exceptional, there’s always the chance it goes viral. Stitch together the best moments and create compilation videos for your YouTube like Lirik does. Viewers love to watch stream highlights, so it’s important to post videos like this on YouTube to help grow your following and show new people what your channel is all about. Oddshot is one easy way to capture your best stream moments and share them.

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