July 23, 2019

PAX West partners with Lyte to help with ticket sales

One might think the biggest problem with going to PAX events might be travel arrangements or finding a hotel room. However, acquiring tickets has become quite the challenge. There might be small hints here and there, but there is never a concrete date as to when the tickets will go on sale. You have to hope that you’re near a computer or have your cell phone ready to wait in a virtue queue when the announcement is made. PAX West is trying to ease this burden with their new partnership with Lyte, helping their fans obtain tickets even after selling out.

Lyte works just like you would expect it. You select the event you would like to attend, put in your email address and purchasing information. As soon as tickets become available, Lyte will complete your purchase automatically and email you the tickets. Easy as that.

Plans change and you suddenly can’t make it to PAX? Lyte has you covered as well. Simply click “Return Tickets” from their site and they will assist you to put your tickets back onto the marketplace. There, the tickets will be purchased by someone waiting for them and you’ll get full face value back for them.

While you can use Reddit or other websites to buy or sell PAX tickets, there is comfort in using an official partnered website. I know I’ll be using Lyte to try to nab myself a set and hope I get to make that trip to Pax West this year!

If you’re interested in checking out Lyte for PAX West tickets, you can find them here.