May 30, 2016

Oddshot 2.0 Released

With the advent of Twitch Clips, Oddshot is no longer the only kid on the block that allows you to instantly capture moments during a stream. As such, both tools will push each other to provide a better service for its users. Oddshot have announced the release of Oddshot 2.0 bringing a number of updates to the service they offer to stay ahead of the game. The update brings new ways to browse the vast Oddshot library, user profiles, and more consistent shots.

Browsing Oddshot

This is possibly where the most updates have happened. The largest of which would be the way you interact Oddshot site. There are two ways which you can browse Oddshot, the old carousel view is still there but they have introduced the list view. The list view has the Oddshots listed on the page with a thumbnail and information on the Oddshot, you can quickly and easily switch between the list and carousel view.

list view

You can now browse all streamers and games, and browse all the Oddshots taken in the game or from that stream. Hot shots have also been introduced, making it easier for you to find those Oddshots that have gone viral and everyone is talking about.  Also, you can browse the daily top, weekly top, monthly top, and all time top Oddshots. You can also filter by your desired language, making it easier to find Oddshots in your native tongue!


You can now create a profile on Oddshot allowing you to easily locate and find all the Oddshots you have taken, since moving forward any Oddshots you take will be linked to your account. In addition, you will be able to follow streamers and games. Whenever an Oddshot of your followed game or streamer is taken, it will then appear in your feed, another addition to the update.


Shot Consistency

One of the problems that has plagued Oddshots for a quite some time has been the inconsistency in the length of captured Oddshots. All future Oddshots will all be 40 seconds long in source quality. This update will be progressively rolled out for all users.

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Source: Oddshot’s Medium

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