OBS Studio Update 22.0 – Source Grouping & Performance Improvements

OBS Version 22 Update

OBS Studio continues to improve on its already great design. A handful of bugs squashed, features tweaked or added, and hotfixes were in this update. Let’s list the major points to this update!

  • Hardware acceleration has been added to the browser source for Windows. This means the source that usually gives everyone’s CPU a run around the block now has reduced resources, a greatly improved performance, and allows the addition of rendering functionality with programs like WebGL, which will reduce RAM, CPU, and GPU usage even greater. Please note that Hardware Acceleration option is automatically turned on so if you start having any issues, make sure to go check that off.
  • Memory leaks, which have sometimes plagued streams, related to Browser Source have been fixed.
  • Browser Sources can now be used as Widgets, which isn’t extremely useful at the time but opens the doors for a lot of possibilities.
  • Add the ability to group sources together, making it a single transformable group. To do so, either select a few sources and right-click to select “Group Selected Items” or create an empty group from the Add menu. Sources can be continued to be added or removed at any time and the group can easily be ungrouped by right-clicking and selecting “Ungroup.” Groups can be share between scenes, have their own effect filters, and show a sub-list that is collapsible.
  • You can now color-code the source list! All organizers rejoice! To do so, right-click the source item and select “Set color.”
  • Multiview can now be brought up to 24 scenes at once, making your editing that much easier.
  • Add RTMPS support for the streaming services that use it, such as Facebook
  • Alt-cropping can now be used with all sources, including those that are set to a bounding box transform.
  • Significantly reduced the GPU usage when OBS is idle. So when you aren’t streaming or recording, it won’t be a hog to your PC.
  • Added a warning that there are no video sources when a user tries to go live if they haven’t added anything yet. This helps new users to remember to add a few sources before going live.
  • OBS will now default to the NVIDIA GPU when on laptops that have both the Intel and NVIDIA integrated adapters. These can be changed in the control panel if needed.
  • Fixed a bug where hotkeys would disappear for Start / Stop Streaming when tabbing out
  • Fixed hotkey labels to update when sources were renamed
  • Fixed a bug where Mixer’s FTL service would cause a crash on macOS
  • Fixed a bug where VLC wouldn’t be found for the VLC source, despite it being installed.
  • Fixed a bug where stream output would stop if a stinger transition had a late transition point.
  • Fixed cursor size issues when they differed from OBS

To see the whole list of features and bug fixes, head on over to the OBS GitHub.

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