OBS Studio 0.14.0 Released

A new version of OBS Studio has been released with a couple of notable changes and new features.

New Transitions – “Slide” and “Fade to Color” have been added as options to your scene transitions.

ALT Cropping – Finally! ALT Cropping is here! No more having to add a crop filter and annoyingly adjusting each edge. ALT Cropping will only affect the specific scene item and not all instances of that source.

Full NVENC and QuickSync encoding – both can be used via the simple output mode.

Command Line Parameters – –collection [scene collection name], –profile [profile name], –scene [scene name], –startstreaming, –startrecording. If a collection/profile/scene name has a space in it, use quotes around the full name.

Object Snapping – “Snap to other sources” enabled by default and a “snap to vertical/horizontal center” has been added, making it easier to align your sources. These settings can be changed in the General Settings.

Disappearing text fix – Previously some filters would cause text to disappear.

Many other fixes and tweaks have been added to OBS Studio 0.14.0. Make sure to have the latest version of OBS Studio downloaded!

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