Muxy: Tools for Your Twitch Stream

When it comes to tools and alerts for your stream, there’s no shortage of programs and solutions to choose from. Muxy is one of the latest solutions available, boasting features for donations, alerts, analytics, integration with other tools, and the opportunity to monetize your stream. This article will provide an overview of the current and future features of Muxy.

Alertsmuxy alerts package

In Muxy you can create alert packages and have multiple alert packages that handle all of your on-screen alerts, including follows, donations, hosts, subscribers along with Gamewisp and Patreon subscriptions. The donation alerts provide you with a number of customizable options: on top of a standard custom image and sound, you are able to have text-to-speech and different alerts for specific or over certain amounts and the session top donation. The host alert allows you to either have alerts for all hosts or for hosts above a certain amount. Customization for subscription alerts is also good; not only are there alerts for new subs, but you can set it so subs who have been subbed for longer than a certain or exact amount of time have a different alert. All of the alerts allow you to edit the CSS and HTML, giving you further customization of your alerts. You can track all the alerts for your stream in the Muxy Live Feed, which is launched from the top of the dashboard. Muxy allows you to setup multiple packages allowing you to setup different alerts for different days or specific events, without having to change your default ones. Selecting which to use couldn’t be simpler either, you just launch whichever corresponding alert box for the package you want.


These are onscreen popups that appear periodically on the stream allowing you to announce stream & community events, promote social media, sponsors and progression bars towards goals. Again these are all fully customizable, with advanced options to edit the CSS and HTML code.


Muxy’s analytics tool, or past sessions tab on the dashboard, provides you with statistical information on previous streams. Detailing your viewer and chatter counts, games played, and follow, subscription, and host alerts, as well as donations and when you received them. This information will help you better understand your stream and community, so you can figure out how best to grow your stream.

Muxy Stream Analytics


Muxy themselves do not take a cut of any donations you receive! On the dashboard you will find two pages for donations, one lists your donation statistics and a list of all donations, and a donation settings page. The donation settings page is where you will be able to setup your donations, linking your Paypal account, minimum donation amount, and your preferred currency. There are also a number of optional settings that allow you to setup donation goals, the appearance of your donation page, a profanity filter and whether people can donate anonymously.


Muxy allows you to connect your Muxy account with TwitchAlerts, Streamtip, Nightbot, Patreon, Gamewisp and Discord. By connecting with TwitchAlerts you are able to import all previous donations into Muxy. Authenticating with Streamtip allows you to display Streamtip donations using Muxy alerts, as well import previous donations, and if you then connect to Nightbot you are then able to announce donations in your Twitch Chat. Linking your Patreon or Gamewisp accounts to Muxy allows you to have subscription alerts on stream. Adding Muxy to your community Discord server will allow it to post events and statistics there, such as when you go live.

Muxy Ticker

The Muxy Ticker is an application, for Windows and Mac, that provides you with up to date statistics on your stream and adds them to .txt files. These .txt files can then be displayed on stream. This easily allows you to display information such as recent and top donators, followers, and recent subscribers. There are over 30 different .txt files produced by the Ticker, including those listed in this table:

Muxy Ticker options


This is possibly one of the most interesting and unique features to Muxy. Currently in Beta, the Monetize feature aims to connect you with possible sponsors, affiliate programs, and partners to help you take your stream to that next level. Through the use of their analytics tool they will match you with suitable sponsors and will handle all the contract and negotiations for you.

Muxy provides you with an elegant solution to many of your streaming needs, providing you with many customizable options that will help you take your stream to that next level and grow. However, currently it is only available for Twitch and doesn’t offer support for other services such as Youtube Gaming, Hitbox, and Beam. For future updates regarding Muxy and other streamer solutions, be sure to follow our Twitter @StreamerSquare.

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