July 2, 2018

Multi-Action Comes to Stream Deck

Stream Deck Multi-Actions

Elgato has released the latest update for the Stream Deck which allow streamers to assign as many actions as they want to a single key press. This new functionality opens up a whole new host of options limited only by your imagination. The update also introduces timer actions and a number of bug fixes and optimizations.


The new Multi-Action functionality allows users to create a single button that essentially works like setting up macros for Elgato Stream Deck actions. This allows for both an increase in production quality in your streams and automation to make your life easier.

Stream Deck Multi-action

Have a lot of programs and web pages to launch prior to going live? Just make a multi-action button for it and you’re good to go with a single press. Want to send out multiple tweets during the course of your stream? Simply set up a multi-action button with appropriate delays and you’re all set! It’s worth noting here that the “Delay” action asks for time to be entered in milliseconds. While fine for a lot of applications, it becomes bothersome when you’re wanting to send out a Tweet at the start of your stream and then again automatically at the end 6 hours later.

New Timer Action

This update also introduces a timer functionality. Simply set it up with a title, amount of time until the alarm sounds, and what sound effect you want to have played. While the duration is currently limited to “seconds”, the LCD countdown adjusts to display hours, minutes, and seconds.

Stream Deck Timer

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

A number of previously noted issues have been fixed with this update. The Stream Deck will no longer enter sleep mode for XSplit users who are currently streaming and stopped actions no longer disappear from the actions list.

While Elgato did rewrite the OBS Studio plugin to allow for more reliable and faster communication, there have been a few issues introduced with this update. Most notably, scenes no longer show up as sources. Elgato is aware of the issue and plans to release a fix for this ASAP. Other issues, such as all previous OBS sources resetting to the top-most scene, have also been reported.

Check out the ElgatoGaming subreddit for additional details, or to share any feedback on this latest update. You can also check out our original review of the Stream Deck if you don’t yet own one!

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