Stream Deck Multi-Actions

Multi-Action Comes to Stream Deck

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Elgato has released the latest update for the Stream Deck which allow streamers to assign as many actions as they want to a single key press. This new functionality opens up a whole new host of options limited only by your┬áimagination. The update also introduces timer actions and a number of bug fixes and optimizations. […]

Elgato Stream Deck 3.0

Stream Deck 3.0 Released

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Elgato’s popular streamer accessory, the Stream Deck, has released a 3.0 update, bringing new looks, text, and many bug fixes as well! Here’s a complete list of the major updates. New Style Since 1.0, Stream Deck has kept the same look and feel to its main UI. Although it was handy, it wasn’t the prettiest […]

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