Stream Deck 3.0 Released

Elgato Stream Deck 3.0

Elgato’s popular streamer accessory, the Stream Deck, has released a 3.0 update, bringing new looks, text, and many bug fixes as well! Here’s a complete list of the major updates.

New Style

Stream Deck Software

Since 1.0, Stream Deck has kept the same look and feel to its main UI. Although it was handy, it wasn’t the prettiest thing to look at. Insert complete revamp here! New icons, spacious design, and a modern look bring the UI up-to-date.

Actions List RevampedStream Deck Actions


Actions can be found easier than ever with the addition of a search bar so find “Sounds” or “Chat” is as easy as typing it! Also, if the list has always overwhelmed you because it has too many options, don’t worry! You can now select the “Edit” button and tweak the actions that appear on your list. This way, you can rearrange and get rid of the actions that you don’t use.


Editable Text

Now you can make the text yours! You can now edit the font, size, color, and more in your text labels.

GIF Magic!

Stream Deck now supports GIF Icons! It’s as easy as setting up a normal image for an icon, just now with more GIF.Stream Deck GIFs

Drag and Drop Functionality

Dragging and Dropping is now a thing with Stream Deck! You can now easily:

  1. Drag an icon designed in Key Creator directly into Stream Deck so no need to download them beforehand.
  2. Dragging an application directly into Stream Deck creates an “Open” action with the appropriate icon
  3. Dragging sounds and music automatically creates a Soundboard action that plays it.

Various Bug Fixes

Sleep mode is disabled by default and the device won’t go to sleep if you are currently streaming.

For all fixes in this latest Stream Deck update and to read the original article, head over to the ElgatoGaming subreddit.

For more information, check out our Stream Deck review.

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