February 26, 2018

Mixer Rolls Out Direct Game Purchasing

Mixer Introduces Direct Purchase

Mixer continues to catch up to Twitch by adding options to help provide sustainability for its streamers. This month, they’ve introduced Direct Purchase to a select group of Partners for testing purposes. The full release to all Partners will be in the coming weeks.

Mixer Direct Purchase

What is Direct Purchase? Let’s say that you’re watching your favorite streamer play this awesome game, like Sea of Thieves (coming March 20th). You’re laughing and enjoying the heck out of not only the streamer but the game itself as well. You want to play this game and therefore make the decision to purchase it. You can purchase it with a nifty link by the streamer’s name and that streamer will get a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

Mixer Direct Purchase

Does it cost you anything extra? Nope. Nothing at all. You get your game and the satisfaction that the streamer you purchased it from is going to get a 5% cut from that purchase.

Mixer Direct Store

Not only are games being supported, but DLC, cosmetics, and consumables (items that have limited uses) will be a part of it as well. The streamer can set what promotions they want to display on their channel via Account Settings -> Manage Channel. All game titles from the Microsoft Store will be available with more titles sure to come in the future.

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