February 15, 2016

Livestreamer – A Twitch Viewing Alternative

If you live on planet Earth and watch Twitch, then you can probably remember a few times that the website has had issues. Not being able to load channels, constant buffering, and stream delay are just a few issues you may experience on Twitch on a daily basis.

Well have no fear, because I’ve got your solution here! This guide is for Windows users, however Livestreamer offers options for Linux and Mac users as well.

Livestreamer is a program that is easy to install and relatively easy to use given any previous experience with the Windows Command Prompt. The software also requires a media player to run; I use VLC Player.



Step 1: Download and install Livestreamer.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt, generally can be done by searching for “cmd” in your windows start menu


Step 3: Copy and paste this format –

livestreamer –player “D:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” http://twitch.tv/deadmau5 source


Your media player will open up with the channel and you can now enjoy your favorite streamers without ever going to twitch!


Currently, Livestreamer does not offer chat options, but Chatty is a free and easy to use program!

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