Discord Changelog 9-26-2016: Custom Emotes, User Status

Discord User Status Thumb

The recent Discord update has added a few neat little features:

  • User Status: Now you can change your status to Do Not Disturb (red colored dot), Idle (orange) or Invisible.Discord User Status
    • To change your user status, click on your profile picture in the lower left-hand corner of Discord. Your user status will be seen across all Discord servers you are in.
  • Custom Emojis ?: Spice up your server by uploading custom emoticons. You can add up to 50 custom emojis that anyone will be able to use on your specific server.
    • To upload a custom emoji, click on your server name in the top left-hand corner and head to Server Settings. Click the Emoji tab.

Other changes include the ability to delete Pinned Messages. The @Mention Autocomplete will now show users who recently sent a message first. Mobile users will now see Offline Lists for up to 100 people, just like the desktop app. Other improvements for mobile users include the ability to Accept/Ignore any friend suggestions and a newly redesigned Server Settings section.

Lets talk about some buffs within this update. From now on the London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam servers have been renamed simply to Western and Central Europe and the capacity of servers in nearly every region is now doubled to support more traffic. Also opening the DM Tab is now faster, which benefits users with a lot of open DMs.

These are the main changes on Discord, but you can see a full detailed list of changes in the Discord Blog. They are still working on a Search system so you can find what you were looking for in the chat.

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