Blue Snowball Microphone Review


One of the most important pieces of equipment in streaming is the microphone. This of course assumes you’re running your channel in a way where you want to interact with viewers. Researching and taking your time in picking a microphone is a bit of work but being able to get the most out of your microphone can make a huge difference in the quality of your streams!

For approximately $50, the Blue Snowball is an accessible USB Condenser microphone that’s great to jump in and stream with right away; however, without putting in some extra work the quality may not be what you’d like. That being said it does give some additional features such as the Omni-Directional setting or the -10dB pad Cardioid setting that give it some versatility but overall, it’s a fairly feature-limited microphone.

Bottom line is you get what you pay for as it is a cheaper, entry level microphone but it records at a fairly reasonable quality, has a couple of extra features, and is ready to go right out of the box. Great for a streamer who’s unsure how much he/she wants to commit on their stream and that is on a slight budget.

For a more in-depth review and to hear what it sounds like when properly set up, check out my video review:



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