April 21, 2017

Beam Changing Partnership Requirements

Beam New Partnership Requirements

As Beam grows, so must the partnership requirements. Beam had a partnership path in place already but it hasn’t been updated since they were acquired by Microsoft. Becoming a part of Microsoft likely affords Beam a wealth of back-end resources as well as a considerable amount of increased exposure which will help every broadcaster on the site. What are these changes to the partnership requirements?

Generally speaking, the changes require a larger community. An aspiring Beam partner now needs 750 followers (up from 300) and 50 active viewers (up from 30). In the grand-scheme of streaming video games on the internet, these requirements are still relatively low but are still quite substantial over the previous requirements. These partnership requirements are still subject to review so if you are just shy of the follower requirement but you have a larger, active live audience, you could still become a partner. These changes also don’t become implemented until May 15th 2017; if your account was created before this date, you’ll be eligible to apply under the old partnership requirements.

The other side of increased requirements is more partner benefits. The post on the Beam blog post mentions that there are some yet-to-be-announced perks for partners but what they can mention is that the direct Beam integration on Xbox will mean that Beam streams will show up on the Xbox dashboard and Community Calendar.

We’ll keep our eyes open for these potentially soon to be announced changes to Beam. For more info, check out the post on the Beam blog and Beam forum post.

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