June 15, 2016

XSplit 2.8 Released

XSplit 2.8 Update

XSplit are coining the 2.8 update their best update yet and it sure brings a number of great updates to both XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster. Many of these features have been widely requested by XSplit users and have been eagerly anticipated, with XSplit teasing them on their twitter recently.

Updates to Both

Recently the XSplit website and social media has undergone a re-branding, the program has undergone the same re-branding. Receiving some love and attention both software options, now have a sleek, clean, and less cluttered look. Both programs now have a plug-in store, where you can browse, easily install, and setup the plug-ins available to you. Some of the plug-ins added in this update include:

  • Scene Switcher
  • Per scene audio settings
  • Drop shadows on text sources
  • Image slideshow
  • Beam.pro broadcaster plug-in & chat source
  • Support for Hitbox 2FA
  • YouTube Live Chat Viewer
  • Facebook Live broadcast plugin

XSplit Plug-ins

XSplit Broadcaster Updates

Of the two software packages XSplit offers, Broadcaster offers the user a more in depth program, with greater options. The updates and fixes to it include:

  • Global sources.
  • Screenshot support.
  • Unlimited scenes.
  • Improved source manipulation (dragging sources).
  • Removed capture card limitations in free version.
  • Improved Logitech integration.
  • Should no longer freeze whilst streaming.
  • Improved uploading to YouTube optimization.
  • Media files no longer skip last 10-15 frames.
  • Fixed failure to hook 32-bit games.
  • Fix for Elgato HD60 giving a black feed.

A full list of updates and fixes to XSplit Broadcaster can be found here.

XSplit Gamecaster Updates

The second package offered by XSplit is Gamecaster, which is a much more simple program and allows the user to quickly setup and start streaming. The updates and fixes to it include:

  • Noise suppression option for microphones added.
  • Support for 1440p/60fps.
  • Option to include overlay elements in screenshots.
  • Cancelling social authentication for video sharing no longer causes it to crash.
  • Stream no longer stops when opening an external link, that opens in a browser from the overlay.
  • App no longer freezes when multiple screenshots are taken.
  • Fixed inability to capture Dying Light.
  • Fix for Hauppage HDPVR2 feed freezing.

A full list of updates and fixes to XSplit Gamecaster can be found here.

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Source: XSplit Blog

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