October 31, 2017

TwitchCon 2017 Keynote Recap

TwitchCon 2017 Keynote Recap

The annual TwitchCon Keynote is host to Twitch’s yearly recap, surprises, and big announcements. This year was no different as a slew of new features were announced with release dates just around the corner. Let’s take a look.

Stream Summary

HUGE new feature that they revealed coming in November is the Stream Summary. Many streamers have to use a handful of programs to track and record statistics from every stream. With Stream Summary, you can easily finish your stream and immediately know how many followers you got that session or who was your most interactive viewer or what your most viewed clip was. Stream Summary coordinates everything that you need to know in a simple screen to make life easier for you.


So you’ve worked hard on a highlight reel, detailing every segment to make sure it flows and shows off your best parts. Now, you want to present it to your community in a way that’s special. With Premiers, Twitch is doing just that. They are helping video creators build hype for their releases by having the creator schedule first-viewing video unveils that are played live for viewers to watch together. When viewing the video, the creator can chat along with the rest of the viewers and enjoy the party as it is being thrown!


Raids have always been an integral part of streaming and networking. Once a streamer is finishing up their stream, they might bring their community to another streamer’s in a “Raid” so the two communities can bond and share in the experience of the new streamer! It’s a great way to introduce yourself to others and make someone’s day.

Twitch recognizes this and is incorporating a new /raid command. With this command, the channel being raided will automatically be hosted and your community will be directed towards the raided channels community so that they can mingle and enjoy the new streamer’s content.


With the addition of Rooms, Twitch hopes to take a Discord approach to chat. By forming certain “Rooms” in the chat, you can help others find a place where they feel most comfortable. Want your moderators to have their own room so they can discuss future plans or who they will drop the banhammer on next? Or want a Subscriber only room where they can spam your emotes in all their glory? Rooms is an easy way to communicate with a specific group without having to use a different program outside of your Twitch chat.


Ever wish that your major events had an easier way to be announced and celebrated with your community? Or a way to welcome new members to the community and give them a huge welcome? Well, now you can! With Rituals, that new viewer can get a personalized welcome to the channel by choosing to signal that she is new! Or if your channel just hit a year, let your viewers know by activating fireworks while you stream to celebrate such an amazing achievement.


Sometimes, the road can be unclear to your goals. Maybe you’re working towards Twitch Partnership but aren’t sure what you need to get there. Achievements are here to try to make that picture clearer. With Achievements, you can finally see a roadmap of everything that you need to get to the next level on Twitch. It details step-by-step into how everything works, what you have achieved, and what you need to work on to take the next step in your streaming career.

Subscription Gifting

What says “I love you” more than buying a member of your community a Subscription to your channel or even buying a sub for your best friend to your favorite streamer! Twitch will introduce this holiday season a way for you to gift any tier subscription to whomever you would like. These would be great for giveaways or even rewards for dedicated viewers. All gifted subs are treated as normal subs to the channel and get all the benefits like emotes and badges.

The Keynote made a lot of very exciting reveals and set the tone for the future of Twitch.

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