TwitchCon ’19 Panels for Business/ Finance

StreamerSquare Guides: TwitchCon 19 Panels for Business and Finance

Growing a business is hard and anyone will tell you it takes a lot of research and time to get it started the right way. Below you’ll find the best panels for Business/ Finance you won’t want to miss when creating a plan to grow your business on Twitch.

Twitchy Business
Friday, Sept. 27th – 10:00 AM
Hosted by FrankerZ, this hands-on workshop features experts that will teach you how to grow your business on Twitch. Plus you will learn some best practices to build an actionable plan to grow your business.

A Word from Our Sponsors: Maintaining Authenticity in Paid Content
Saturday, Sept. 28th – 11:30 AM
Learn how content creators balance authenticity with both positive and negative experiences while working on a paid sponsorships to grow their business.

How to Stream More with a Full-time Job and Family
Saturday, Sept. 28th – 1:00 PM
This panel will share tips and tricks on how to balance a full-time job and still be successful in growing your business.

Creator or Industry: Finding Your Place
Saturday, Sept. 28th – 4:00 PM
You’ll hear from industry professionals on what it takes to translate your success as a creator to a role in Video Games and why creation might be best for you.

Pioneering On Twitch: How to Find Your Niche and Grow
Sunday, Sept. 29th – 11:30 AM
This panel will focus on finding your potential in Broadcasting. Learn how to build your own game plan while still pursuing your passions.

Essential Business and Legal Tips for Every Streamer
Sunday, Sept. 29th – 11:30 AM
Join veteran Content Creators, a Financial Planner, a Lawyer, and a CPA as they share their knowledge and expertise on the unique needs of finances in the content creation industry.

Building Your Business as a Streamer on Twitch
Sunday, Sept. 29th – 1:00 PM
Hosted by Twitch staff, learn about the business of streaming and the tools available to accept community support.

How Streamers Should Work with Game Publishers and Developers
Sunday, 29th – 2:30 PM
This panel will answer all the questions you may have on how to contact game publishers and developers to not only build a relationship for pre-release events but also receiving support for charity streams.

Copyrights and Contracts: Legal Tips for Protecting Your Brand
Sunday, 29th – 2:30 PM
Learn how to protect your brand, registering trademarks and copyright use. You will also learn how to properly disclose sponsored content on social media.

Streaming for You vs. Streaming for Me
Sunday, 29th – 4:00 PM
Learn the unique challenges of balancing streams for employed brand and personal streams. You’ll also learn what it takes to become a full time creator in the video game industry.

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