May 26, 2016

TwitchAlerts Updates Dashboard and Alertbox Features

The latest update to TwitchAlerts introduces of a number of handy little features to the dashboard and alertbox. These include:

  • Dashboard
    • Moderation delay slider
    • Text delay slider (useful for playing out animations before the text)
  • Alertbox
    • Weigh your variations to decide how often they appear (more random or less random)
    • Alert and Text to speech audio will now play all the way through (no more getting cut off)
    • Repeat events button
    • Decline button

The Dashboard update now allows you to set a delay on donations and alerts before they appear on stream, meaning that if you receive a donation with a comment you don’t like you can decline it using the Decline Button in the updated Alertbox. Also, if you ever miss an event for some reason, there is now a repeat button so you and your whole stream can see it.



One of the neat features TwitchAlerts gives you is the ability to add variations to your alerts, so you can set up a number of different follow, sub, and donation alerts. The latest update allows you to change the weighting of how frequently each alert appears. In addition, say you have a fancy graphic you use for your follow, donation, or sub alert. You can now delay the text appearing on stream so the graphic or animation has time to go off.


In the past, if you were to receive another donation whilst the previous was still being read out in Text-to-Speech, it would cut off and start the new one. This update fixed that, so all messages are now finished before starting the new one.

For further updates on TwitchAlerts and other Streamer Service programs, be sure to follow the @StreamerSquare Twitter to get notified!

Source: TwitchAlerts Help Center

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