June 6, 2016

TwitchAlerts Introduces Credits System

TwitchAlerts Credits image

In an effort to innovate and provide an alternate way for viewers to support streamers, TwitchAlerts has introduced a new system called credits. The credits system utilizes Peanut Labs to allow viewers to complete surveys or offers and receive a virtual currency (credits) in exchange. These credits can then be used to tip a streamer. The streamer will not receive the credits but rather $1 per 100 credits, sent directly to Paypal as if it were a regular tip. TwitchAlerts Credit Tips

The TwitchAlerts credit system is accessible directly on a streamer’s tip page. You’ll notice a new bar at the top of the page that you can click on to learn more about the program or view the offers available for earning credits. The offers range from signing up to websites, downloading apps, or watching videos. TwitchAlerts Credit Page

As a streamer, if you’d like to opt out of using the TwitchAlerts credit system on your tip page, you can disable it in the Donation Settings tab in your TwitchAlerts account.

Source: TwitchAlerts Blog

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