Twitch Unveils New Ad-Viewing Experience

Twitch New Ad-Serving Tech

With other announcements like Bits and Twitch Prime, it’s not surprising that Twitch is introducing yet another way to support their community. SureStream is simply a way to get increased revenue from advertisements for both Twitch and their broadcasters, while also improving the quality of the video for viewers.

What does SureStream do for viewers?

Ever had a considerably loud advertisement on Twitch? How about one that buffers or skips? These are all issues that are planned to be fixed over the roll out of SureStream, as well as a faster experience to get you back to watching the stream as soon as possible. For anyone that has allowed advertisements to play when they join a stream, this is a big improvement.

What about partners?

Not only does your ad-free channel subscription become more desirable, but Twitch is giving you the opportunity to receive greater revenue. SureStream will bypass third party advertisement-blocking services, allowing more viewers to be accounted for when the ads play.

Advertisers benefit too

With better video technology like SureStream, Twitch becomes more attractive as an advertisement platform. This allows even more revenue opportunity for broadcasters.

Overall, this seems like a great step by Twitch in order to counter all of the services that allow viewers to block ads and take revenue away from both them and their broadcasters. As a streamer, it’s extremely important to have as many sources of revenue as you can, in order to support yourself in the long term. With this new technology, you’ll have a reason to come back to playing advertisements and actually feel like it’s supporting the stream.

For the full details, check out the Twitch Blog.

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