February 22, 2018

Twitch Updates: Rooms, Clip Champs, New Bit Badges, and More

Twitch Rooms Clip Champs Bit Badges

Twitch has been busy this past week, releasing some new features and improvements across the platform. Let’s take a look!

Clip Champs

The Clip Champs of the chat are the people that love to capture your best moments during the stream. They are a huge boost to the community by helping to create content with their ability to edit short clips and even provide more exposure to your channel. These outstanding viewers will now get a new channel-specific badge to showcase how absolutely awesome they are and reward them for all of their hard work!

Twitch Clip Champ

To qualify to be a Clip Champ, you must create clips for a specific channel over the course of one month and the views on all of these clips must receive a combined 50 views or more. Champs will have their status appear in other parts of Twitch that deal with Clips, as in the clips viewing page and Clips tabs. Clip Champ badges are channel-specific and reset monthly.

Top Cheers

Twitch Top Cheerer

Later this month, Top Cheerers will be displayed in all their glory right at the top of chat in leaderboard form. The top three get badges to showcase the support that they provide, although the leaderboard does show the top ten so the competition knows where they stand. The streamer can actually set the leaderboard to reset every seven days or keep it as an all-time leaderboard.

Twitch Top Cheerers

The feature will go live automatically for those who already have Pin Top Cheer at the top of their channels (Dashboard Settings -> Cheer -> Pinned Cheering Settings).

New Bits Badges

There are 10 new Bits badges being released as well for those who have cheered ONE MILLION Bits total or more. The ultimate show of support and the huge glory goes to those with these badges! Remember, you can customize your Bit Badges in your Partner Settings.


Last year at the TwitchCon keynote, Rooms were announced. These are private spaces to spend time with your community off or on stream. So you could make a private room for just your subscribers in which they could chat with other subs as well.

Twitch Chat Rooms

Twitch has updated Rooms to make the use of them a little easier. @mentions are now available inside the rooms and actually notify the person mentioned so keeping track of Rooms is more feasible. Start a new Room today and see how connecting with your community offline strengthens your stream for the future!

In-Game Drops Notification Updates

Twitch Drops

For those unfamiliar with Drops, Twitch introduced these lovely gifts for viewers when they watched a stream of drop-enabled games. Games such as Path of Exile and Smite were dropping skins and other items just for watching streams that you enjoyed already! The unfortunate part was that it was unclear when or how these drops were available.

Twitch Drops Stream

A small notification will now appear on the corner of the game in the Game Directory and on the streamer’s page as well. To start earning these Drops, viewers must link the corresponding game account with their Twitch account in the settings. Then just go watch those amazing streams to start earning! Each drop is decided by developers so the frequency will vary.