Twitch Releases New Moderation Tools

new mod tools

Moderators are the backbone to any great stream. Tirelessly working for the love of the stream, this job deserves so much praise and all the tools possible to make it as easy as possible. Twitch recognizes this and has released a handful of new features to make moderating a chat, even one going the speed of light, better.

new twitch mod tools

The new tools can all be accessed by clicking on a username or using the new /user command. A menu will pop up, displaying

  • How many messages a user has posted and the ability to view each message individually
  • How many Timeouts or Bans have been issued to this user, to see if this user is a repeat offender or someone that is just having an active day
  • The account age so moderators can see if this is a new account made for problems or a long-standing user
  • Comments made by other moderators so the staff can come together and keep notes for future incidents or tell the reason this user was disciplined before.

These tools should help keep chat flowing without disturbance and make the job of moderation a little easier. We love you Moderators! Keep being the most amazing people on Twitch!

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