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Twitch Releases New Moderation Tools

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Moderators are the backbone to any great stream. Tirelessly working for the love of the stream, this job deserves so much praise and all the tools possible to make it as easy as possible. Twitch recognizes this and has released a handful of new features to make moderating a chat, even one going the speed […]

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Twitch Adds AutoMod to Improve Chat Moderation

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To build off the moderation improvements Twitch implemented a couple months back, Twitch introduces AutoMod as an added tool to assist with chat moderation. If ever there’s a message that the AutoMod thinks is harmful, the message will be held for an actual mod to approve or reject before it appears in chat. There are […]

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New Chat Moderation Tools for Twitch

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Twitch has officially launched some cool new features for your chat moderators. This is the first batch of Twitch moderation tools that will really improve the viewers experience. Lets take a look at these new features: Moderator Action Attribution, Chat Rules, and Chat Delay. Moderator Action Attribution Twitch announced during PAX West that broadcasters would now be […]

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Selecting Moderators

Selecting Moderators for Your Channel

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Moderators, aka mods, are essential for ALL streams and communities alike. Trying to juggle a stream, play the game AND monitor chat is virtually impossible. Sure you can pause the game, purge or ban someone in the chat and then resume the game but this is a good way to make viewers grow tired of […]

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