September 18, 2016

New Chat Moderation Tools for Twitch

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Twitch has officially launched some cool new features for your chat moderators. This is the first batch of Twitch moderation tools that will really improve the viewers experience. Lets take a look at these new features: Moderator Action Attribution, Chat Rules, and Chat Delay.


Moderator Action Attribution

Twitch announced during PAX West that broadcasters would now be able to see which moderator took an action alongside a message in chat. Streamers and channel moderators will be able to see who timed out who and for how long. No longer will broadcasters have to deal with moderators “going rogue” and having mysterious bans in the channel.

Chat Rules


Now new chatters to your channel can no longer claim ignorance. Streamer can create a set of Chat Rules by simply heading to the channel settings page, and new viewers will see your rules and have to agree to them before they can chat. Some experiments have shown that viewers who have agreed to Chat Rules are timed out less frequently than those who haven’t. All without affecting chat participation.twitch-chat-rules

Chat Delay

With this new option you can delay chat by 2, 4, or 6 seconds. That way your moderators can have a head start and remove messages that violate the chat rules before they hit the main chat.

When Chat Delay is enabled, only moderators will see the <message deleted> system message. This makes chat look and feel much cleaner. Deleted message removal is especially effective for channels that use bot moderation.

For more information on the new Twitch moderation tools, check out the full post from the Twitch blog.

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