Twitch Implements Follower-Only Chat Option

Twitch Follower-Only Chat

Subscriber-only mode is an option Twitch Partners can use to maintain a busy chat and fend off trolls, spam, and more. Twitch is rolling out another chat restriction option called follower-only mode. Currently as an experimental feature, follower-only chat allows the broadcaster to restrict chatters based on how long they’ve been following the stream. With follower-only chat enabled, you can set a duration that a user must be following the channel for before they can speak in your channel.

This function can be turned on at any time through the cogwheel icon or typing /followers (time duration) in chat. Type /followersoff to disable this mode. You can restrict chat to a follower-mode maximum of 3 months, meaning a viewer would have to have followed you for three months prior to being able to chat.

Example commands:

/followers 30m or /followers 30 minutes
/followers 2h or /followers 2 hours
/followers 1w or /followers 1 week
/followers 3mo or /followers 3 months

As a new streamer, you strive to get every follow you can get. Each follow is like an icon that you’re doing something right and are entertaining! At other times, you get trolls that create new accounts or harmful chat bots. I recommend using this Twitch follower-only chat mode only as a tool if you are being attacked and having issues (make sure to report those accounts too!). Remember that all follows have to be earned and the ability of a new viewer to chat and ask questions goes a long way towards earning that follow. By having follower-only chat you are definitely turning away viewers.

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