Back in April 2017, Twitch introduced game purchasing that could be done through a streamer’s channel. It supported the streamer as well so it was a win-win. As of November 27, 2018 this program will be discontinued, as it did not bring the additional revenue that they had hoped for when the program was introduced. Twitch will continue to explore different avenues to help for a future program.

twitch game store
Games library in the Twitch desktop app.

So the first thing that goes through your mind is “What happens to my stuff?” Don’t worry. No one is losing access to their purchases. All items and games will still be accessible through the Twitch app, including all of your Prime rewards as well. Any Crates that haven’t been opened yet will be automatically opened and items will continue to be available.


  1. […] In fact, a lot of companies past and present have tried this model before. Steam is the daddy of all when it comes to markets, but Ubisoft and EA both sport different stores of their own. Discord just made the leap from massive communication to game store, opening theirs inside the Discord app itself and allowing users to see up-to-date data about who’s playing what and a newsfeed of games that they play. Even Twitch took a crack at it. […]