November 13, 2017

Twitch Affiliate Program: How to Take Streaming to the Next Level [TwitchCon 2017 Panel]

Twitch Affiliate Program TwitchCon 2017

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VoD Link:
Moderator: JessyQuill
Panelists: TheMeta4Gaming, KevyTV, AlyKkat


  • AlyKkat
    • Time of day
    • Create a schedule that allows you to be live at the same time, every time.
    • Set attainable goals. Not hitting goals can create bad habits.
    • Play games you enjoy. Happiness is another consistent factor you need to present on stream
    • Technical quality should be consistent. Doesn’t have to be the best quality but test and make sure everything is good, every stream. Ask viewers for feedback.
  • JessyQuil
    • Sort out your IRL stuff before focusing on creative outlets like Twitch.


  • KevyTV
    • Meetups may be scary but it’s an important thing to do. Easier than you think!
    • Think of it as building relationships or even friendships; don’t have to always focus on the business aspect
    • Joining communities within Twitch (ie. TwitchRP) is a good way to connect with other people who are passionate about the same things you are.
  • JessyQuil
    • If you can’t go to meetups things like hosting/raiding is helpful. Make sure to care about other communities as much as yours.
    • Find similar communities/streams. ‘Clashing’ streams can be harder to network with.
  • TheMeta4Gaming
    • Any business relationship you will have will start as a personal relationship.
    • In regards to Emotes and IRL/Creative. It is a give and take relationship. Make sure you respect the other partner and be on the same page.
  • AlyKkat
    • You give what you get.
    • Follow up when you meet someone after a convention. Easier to remember people.
    • In regards to IRL/Creative. People talk within their circles.

Ways to Benefit Subs/Viewers + Communication

  • TheMeta4Gaming
    • Always been in constant communication with those who follow you via Twitter, Discord, etc.
    • Twitter is extremely important to keep up to date with those who follow you and who you follow. Quick and easy.
    • Constantly let your followers know what is up with your channel whether it be you being sick for a stream or changing games up after awhile.
    • Twitch is always changing. Don’t be afraid if followers let you know they only followed because you played X or Y game. It’s not your fault.
    • Subscriber Perks
      • Brings more value to your channel
      • Sub-only game participation is a common example as well as Sub-only chatrooms in things like Discord
  • AlyKkat
    • It’s perfectly fine not having Sub perks listed. It’s your stream and how you want to run it.
    • Don’t point out when someone can’t sub.

Ending Points

  • JessyQuil
    • Look into getting an LLC. Separating personal/business personas is important
      • Can get good perks such as writing off Subs to other streamers as “networking”
    • Luck is a huge factor. Many different things affect your growth and some things aren’t in your control. Keep the perspective that outside factors can play a large factor.
  • Meta4Gaming
    • Do only what you’re capable of. Don’t need to invest everything into it. Know where you’re at and how much you need to grow.
    • Be yourself.
  • AlyKkat
    • Don’t be afraid to ask larger streamers you look up to for feedback. Just be respectful in contacting them.
  • KevyTV
    • Don’t compare yourself to other streamers.

Q & A

  • How can you see when the best time to stream is?
    • Using your Dashboard stats, you can take notes on what you were doing on each day and how your viewership does
  • How did you realize you needed to change what you broadcasted?
    • Meta4Gaming: If you’re not enjoying a game or find it fulfilling, it’s up to you. Find other things you enjoy.
  • What’s a good way to deal with “bad” days in analytics?
    • It’s usually not the stream itself but IRL stuff that can impact how you feel about things. Make sure to step back and work on mental health if you need to.
    • Don’t look at analytics everyday.
    • Look at the things you ARE doing well with, even if it’s something small.
  • Should you delete your “old” self when rebranding?
    • AlyKkat
      • No because that’s history of you. It can show your growth and how you got to where you are now
    • JessyQuil
      • It depends on how much you rebrand yourself and how you want to communicate it to future followers/viewers
  • Thoughts on giveaways?
    • Advertising giveaways in your title will bring viewers that only care about the giveaway
    • If people pester you about giveaways, let your mods know how to deal with them
    • Giveaways can be healthy but do them in moderation
  • How do you deal with no one in chat?
    • Try to get information out of chat but asking questions. Keep a dialogue going even if no one answers. Answer your own questions too.
    • Do stuff that makes you happy. Sing, tell jokes, etc.
  • What do you look for in your own VoDs?
    • Basic audio/video quality is important.
    • See where you had opportunities to speak your mind but maybe didn’t
    • Missed opportunities are important to look for
  • How do you deal with viewers leaving when switching games?
    • You can’t do anything really. You don’t control your viewers and don’t let them control you.

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