June 21, 2016

Twitch Adds Custom Resub Messages

Twitch Resub Notification Update

The most recent updates for Twitch have been focused on ways for viewers to connect with streamers and other users. The latest update to the resubscription feature, introduced last year, makes it much more personal. Viewers can now send a custom message alongside their resub notification.

To send a custom message with your resubscription notification, you simply need to fill in the text field when prompted after hitting the share button on your resubscription. Your custom message can contain up to 255 characters and will support emotes. If you don’t want to share a message, leave the text field blank.

Twitch Resubscription

If you don’t want to send your resub notification at all, you can click the “X” in the top right to dismiss it. You can also disable the resubscription notification banner all together by clicking “Disable my resubscription notification” on the Notifications tab of the Settings page.

Moderators fret not though, you will still be able to moderate the custom messages exactly like you would any other chat message. Those who are banned before they started watching that session will not be able to see the resubscription banner at all, and therefore be unable to send a notification. If a user was banned or timed out since they started viewing that session, they will still be able to send a resubscription notification but without a custom message.

Resubscription moderation

In the development of this feature, Twitch worked closely with a number of third party extension companies that provide subscription notification alerts, so you can choose whether or not you wish to show the custom message or not with the resub alert. If you have a custom system or your current alert software does not have this functionality, Twitch released documentation with information needed to add the custom message functionality.

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For further information check out the Twitch FAQ.

Source: Twitch Blog.